GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement)

  • Appearance of carved stone
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Moderately heavy
  • Generally less expensive than Fiberstone

Stone Yard, Inc. manufactures GFRC products from a precise mixture of high-grade cement reinforced with glass fiber and other additives for enhanced binding and strength. The resulting material has the appearance of stone but lighter weight and greater durability.


  • Indistinguishable in appearance from GFRC
  • Well suited to high traffic areas
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Lighter weight than GFRC

Stone Yard, Inc. manufactures Fiberstone products using a proprietary process that combines glass fiber, polyester resins and aggregate materials, resulting in stone-finished products that have a fraction of the weight of actual  stone. Because Fiberstone products resist impact damage, they are ideal for commercial settings and high-access areas.


Stone Yard, Inc. manufactures SyGlos that provides an ultra high-gloss color finish. The material is composed of marine grade, high-gloss resin colors, infused with the item during the manufacturing process. These modern glossy finishes have a base material of durable Fiberstone and are especially complementary with contemporary designs. In additiona, we can also utilize this finish with some textured pieces. Please contact our sales team for availablity, colors, and pricing.


Stone Yard, Inc. specializes in creating durable, timeless finishes and offers 11 standard finishes. Our master craftsmen create these finishes by hand. You can be assured that your finish will be true to form and enhance the beauty of your project. Please note, due to variations in computer monitor settings, printed or electronic finish colors may vary slightly from the actual finish. Please call us or use our form on the Contact page to request a full color tear sheet, finish sample, or catalog.